Core technology


In view of the prominent problems existing in the application of traditional steel frame support system in residential buildings, such as convex columns, convex beams, supports affecting the layout of building functions and large inter story displacement angle, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, through continuous technical development, theoretical analysis, experimental inspection and engineering practice and optimization, We have successfully developed the original solution of steel structure fabricated residence - Truss multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall system.



Construction of truss multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall system

The system is welded by steel plates on both sides, plane trusses and invisible square (rectangular) steel columns with edge constraints at the ends.

The cavity has a plurality of vertically connected concrete pouring structures. Through the angle steel and truss, the effective synergy between the steel plate and the concrete in the cavity is realized, the ductility of the steel plate and the stiffness of the concrete in the cavity are brought into full play, the inter story displacement angle of the building is effectively reduced, and the comfort of residents is improved.

The thickness of steel plate and shear wall shall be adjusted as required, and the thickness of shear wall shall be the same as that of infilled wall, so as to effectively solve the problem of convex column and convex beam and completely eliminate the adverse impact of support.

The system fully meets the requirements of the technical specification of steel plate shear wall (GB / t380-2015) issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.


Innovation achievements and industrialization advantages

Eliminate support, flexible layout, and meet the requirements of various complex plans and elevations;

The thickness of the shear wall is the same as that of the filling wall, and the exposed beams and columns are prohibited;

Realize large-scale and high-speed production through automatic production equipment;

According to the requirements of building layout, the component forms such as I-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped, cross shaped, U-shaped or Z-shaped can be flexibly adopted;

The thickness of shear wall steel plate can be adjusted as needed to meet the requirements of different building forms and building heights;

Give full play to the respective material properties of steel plate and concrete, greatly improve the bearing capacity of components and reduce the amount of steel;

The concrete in the cavity and steel plate work together through trusses, which greatly improves the building stiffness, reduces the inter story displacement angle and improves the comfort of residents;

The cavity unit space of multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall is large, the welding is greatly reduced, and the pouring of concrete in the cavity is convenient;

The inter story displacement of the building is reduced, and the choice of wall materials is large, so as to reduce the cost.



Through a series of experiments

Through the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, academician Dong Shilin and national survey and design masters Wang Dasui and Wang Lijun and other experts gave a high appraisal: "its structure, theoretical analysis and experimental research results have reached the international leading level".



Multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements


On March 30, 2019, Zhejiang technology and economic man Association organized experts to hold a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting to appraise the "truss multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall structure technology research project" completed by southeast grid and Southeast University.

The appraisal committee believes that the results of the project have significant innovation and promotion value, strong engineering practicability and remarkable social and economic benefits. Overall, it has reached the international leading level, and the structural structure, theoretical analysis and experimental research results of truss multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall have reached the international leading level.


Truss multi cavity composite steel plate shear wall system has won a number of invention patents

Based on the innovative concept of "research and application", Southeast grid has given full play to high-end innovation platforms such as national recognized enterprise technology center and national exemplary academician expert workstation, carried out systematic research on the structural system of steel structure fabricated residential buildings, and achieved fruitful innovative results - new truss multi cavity steel plate shear wall and its stability design method, seismic design method Research on mechanical performance of joints, design method of fire protection and other original solutions.


Engineering application


Vigorously promote the application of fabricated steel structure buildings



Preparation of technical standards and procedures


On October 30, 2019, China Engineering Construction Standardization Association issued the second batch of 2019 Association standard formulation and revision plan, and the technical specification for truss multi cavity composite shear wall structure edited by Zhejiang southeast Grid Co., Ltd. and Southeast University was included in the formulation plan. It is planned to complete the preparation before October 2021.

The main participating units include: Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Shandong Architecture University, Zhejiang architectural design and Research Institute, Zhejiang University Architectural Design Institute, Central South Architectural Design Institute, MCC Architectural Research Institute, Jiangsu / Anhui Architectural Design Institute, CSCEC southwest Design Institute, China architectural standards design and Research Institute, etc.



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