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Southeast has always attached great importance to environmental protection work, conscientiously implemented various environmental protection laws and regulations, strengthened the environmental protection target responsibility system, established a special environmental management agency (Quality Safety and Environmental Protection Supervision Department), equipped with full-time environmental protection management personnel, and enriched Part-time environmental protection management personnel at all levels have been established, and the environmental protection responsibilities of each department and employee have been clarified.

The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2004, and in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations and standards, it formulated the "Environmental Factor Identification and Evaluation Procedures", "Environmental Operation Control Procedures", "Environment, Health and Safety Monitoring and Measurement Control Procedures", "Energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection management system", "Hazardous waste management system" and a series of environmental protection related systems. Conscientiously strengthen accident prevention and emergency measures in all aspects of procurement, storage and transportation, production, and sales, and prepare and file emergency plans for environmental accidents. Every year, the organization identifies the environmental impact factors within the company. A total of 328 environmental impact factors and 4 major environmental factors are identified, and corresponding control measures are formulated.

The new constructed, reconstructed and expansion projects in the company's factory area have undergone environmental impact assessment in accordance with the requirements of relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations and passed completion acceptance.

In recent years, the company has mainly done the following work in environmental protection:

1. Eliminate outdated equipment and actively promote waste gas treatment.

In response to Xiaoshan District's promotion of the clean transformation of the flue gas of coal-fired boilers (kilns), in 2018, the company eliminated the gas generator equipment in use and replaced it with natural gas heating furnaces, completing the clean transformation of gas furnaces and kilns.


The company actively promotes waste gas treatment. From 2018 to 2020, Southeast

Space Frame. and Southeast Green Construction invested a total of 9.89 million yuan, purchased 4 sets of VOCs waste gas treatment facilities, and collected waste gas from the operation areas that generate VOCs waste gas in the factory. At the same time, it invested 240,000 yuan to install a set of VOCs exhaust gas online detection equipment at the exhaust gas discharge port of the exhaust gas treatment equipment to detect the exhaust gas in real time. The annual investment is about 500,000 yuan, and the dust removal device of the shot blasting machine used in the workshop is regularly replaced to ensure that the exhaust gas is discharged up to the standard.

The company currently has a total of 6 general contracting projects under construction. For each project, on-line dust monitoring equipment is installed on the construction site, water mist spraying is installed on the fence, and fog guns are installed to cover the bare soil and reduce construction dust.

1. strengthen measures to strictly manage solid waste disposal.


For the metal scraps, welding and cutting slag, etc. produced in the company's production process, a qualified material recycling company is regularly to be recycled and comprehensively utilized; the domestic garbage is regularly cleared and transported by the sanitation department.

The company's hazardous waste is routinely stored in hazardous waste storage warehouses that meet the hazardous waste storage conditions, and has signed a hazardous waste treatment agreement with a qualified hazardous waste disposal company and handed it over to it for disposal.

3. standardize the management of waste water and noise

The company's main wastewater is domestic wastewater, and there is no production wastewater is generated within the company. After the domestic wastewater is treated by the sewage and grease traps, it is integrated into the municipal sewage pipe network. The pollution and grease traps are regularly cleaned by sanitation department, and the rain and sewage are separated.


The company makes a reasonable layout for high-noise equipment or facilities. In addition to installing sound insulation or sound insulation rooms, it also installs vibration reduction or noise reduction facilities, and strengthens daily repairs and maintenance to prevent noise caused by equipment failures. Reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment by increasing plant greening and other measures.


1. Strengthen the management of daily environmental protection.


The company attaches great importance to the publicity and training of environmental protection, strengthens the environmental protection awareness of employees, and takes the opportunity of the annual "6.5" World Environment Day, energy conservation and emission reduction publicity week, etc. use the internet to advertise environmental protection tips to employees and strengthen employees' awareness of environmental protection. Organize relevant employees to conduct hazardous waste management knowledge training every year, and use the opportunity of safety training for all employees to publicize environmental protection knowledge.


The company adheres to the normalized management of environmental protection work, strengthens daily environmental protection inspections, and regularly organizes environmental protection monitoring. The daily environmental protection work is supervised and inspected by the quality, safety and environmental protection supervision department, and the problems identified are fed back to the relevant departments for rectification, so as to achieve early detection and early resolution. Every year, a third-party environmental testing unit is entrusted to test various environmental indicators of the plant. Organize an environmental emergency drill every year to enhance employees' ability to respond to environmental accidents


2. Adhere to green leadership and focus on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

Over the years, Southeast has resolutely implemented the President Xi's "Two Mountains" theory, firmly grasped the policy dividends of national green development and new building industrialization, and at the same time, relying on Southeast's technology, brand, performance, and capital advantages, vigorously develop new green buildings. assembled, intelligent and industrialized EPC general contracting business, and made a great breakthrough. Undertook EPC general contracting projects of prefabricated green buildings in schools, hospitals, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, urban complexes, talent housing and other fields, such as Hangzhou International Expo Center Phase II, Hangzhou Bay Wisdom Valley Phase II, Lin'an People's Hospital, Tonglu People's Hospital EPC, Xiaoshan Stadium Reconstruction Project, Hangzhou Zhuantang Affordable Housing.

While the business is constantly developing to higher and better, Southeast always adheres to the technology development strategy of "high-end quality, high-end enterprise", and actively plays the role of national enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral workstation, and the first batch of national demonstration academician expert workstations. Through the close combination of original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, a large number of technological innovations have been carried out in various fields such as prefabricated steel structures and digital technology, and the construction technology of national major scientific installations has been formed. The ten core technologies are generally at the world advanced level. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Southeast has won 11 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards, 277 national authorized patents, including 82 invention patents. At the same time, the project in cooperation with Zhejiang University won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hospital has set up 122 scientific research projects, 88 of which have passed the inspection and acceptance, and 11 have won scientific and technological progress awards at all levels. At present, 7 units under the group are national high-tech enterprises.

Southeast focuses on low-carbon energy saving and digital empowerment, superimposes the dual effects of transformation and upgrading and technological leapfrogging, and fully promotes the development of "green + digital intelligence". Specifically, it has done the following aspects:

1. Develop BIM technology applied to prefabricated steel structure green buildings. Fully apply advanced new technologies such as 5G and cloud computing, and apply digitalization to new technology research and development, supply chain management, building life cycle management, etc., to help the country's new building industrialization development. At present, Southeast has applied BIM technology in an all-round way to the manufacturing and processing of fabricated steel structures and project construction management, realizing standardized design, intelligent manufacturing, information management and modern services.

2. Create smart construction site. Smart construction site is based on information technology, around the entire life cycle of construction projects, to establish an information system that supports site management, interconnection and collaboration, intelligent decision-making, and data sharing. With the wide application of BIM technology, Southeast has successfully built a smart management site in Hangzhou Bay Wisdom Valley Phase II and other project sites.

3. Build a digital factory. The "200,000-ton new prefabricated steel structure digital factory" invested and constructed by the company in Qiantang District is the first in the industry with virtual factories, automated and flexible production lines, production systems centered on MES, robot welding, and intelligent green painting of components. And digital factory construction management system, with advanced, efficient and high-quality manufacturing level, is listed as "Hangzhou Key Implementation Project in 2020". At the same time, subsidiaries of the group, such as Southeast New Materials Technology and Southeast New Materials are actively promoting digital transformation through scientific demonstration in accordance with the requirements of the city and district's "New Manufacturing Plan", combined with industry characteristics and scientific demonstration.

4. Promote smart medical care. Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hospital takes "Internet + medical care" as the starting point to realize intelligent services and applications. Promote the application of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence in the field of health care, improve outpatient smart medical services, and continue to pay attention to the construction of electronic medical records. Develop intelligent wards, improve the hospital information system centered on the electronic medical record system, accelerate the construction of the hospital wireless ward checking system, and realize the interconnection between the medical imaging system (PACS), the clinical inspection system (LIS) and the electronic medical record system.

5.Build green building photovoltaic integration. Southeast acquired 51% equity of First New Energy, actively promoted the integrated layout of "building + photovoltaic", realized the strategic development of "EPC + BIPV", and contributed to the national strategy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".

Create a beautiful Southeast

The first is to renovate and build new plants to continuously improve the beauty of the factory area. Southeast has newly built staff apartments, equipped with air conditioners, water heaters, etc., and upgraded basketball courts, tennis courts and other facilities; built a three-story staff canteen, which has a bright, tidy and clean environment, and improved the quality and variety of dishes; Two new three-dimensional parking garages have been built to meet the needs of the company's employees to park their vehicles; and the greening has been upgraded. The entire factory area is surrounded by green trees.

The second is orderly planning to continuously improve the beauty of the workplace. The company has carried out an overall plan for the sixth floor of the administrative building, and re-planned the office area according to the departments and functions, so that the office area is clean and orderly, the work efficiency is improved, and it is equipped with a rest and leisure area for employees. Regularly carry out safety training and fire drills for all employees to improve employees' safety and fire awareness.

The third is improve the beauty of company culture

The company has built a new enterprise exhibition center, which systematically shows the performance of Southeast for more than 30 years, and demonstrates the core values of Southeast "benevolence, integrity, and perfection"; organized and carried out mountain climbing competitions, speech competitions, safety knowledge competitions, electric welding competition make rice dumpling competitions; it attaches importance to school recruitment and new employee training, and organizes a week-long induction training for new employees to continuously enhance corporate cohesion.

Fourth, energy conservation and emission reduction. The company vigorously promotes the integrated development of production, life, ecology. Invested 3.7 million yuan to introduce environmental protection treatment equipment matching the grid painting process and put it into operation. The processing workshop has undergone technical transformation, and the production efficiency has been significantly improved.

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